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It is always best to take preventative measures to avoid trouble, rather than trying to fix the situation later. This definitely applies to trimming trees as well. Homeowners can avoid dangerous scenarios of falling trees and branches by seeking trusty Jacksonville tree trimming and pruning. Our team at TreeCraft is standing ready to provide dependable support for any clients in New Bern.

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Why is Dead Trimming & Pruning So Important?

The term “dead pruning” refers to getting rid of tree limbs that are already dead or are slowly dying on account of disease or impact. Commonly, homeowners wait to prune their tree rather than have their tree’s crown cleaned, hoping the branch will get better. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. A dying branch is eventually going to fall and prolonging the removal increases the risk of the limb falling and causing property damage. Moreover, even if a branch has not completely died on account of disease, there is a high risk that it will spread the condition. By procrastinating on dead trimming, you may find that you now have to get rid of even more branches. 

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What Is Involved in Crown Maintenance?

Many people are unaware that there is a lot involved in maintaining the shape, density, and overall health of a tree’s crown. It is crucial to get a professional to take care of this portion of the tree. Otherwise, the tree may be over-pruned and begin to deteriorate section by section. 

Examples of key crown support that a tree could receive include:

  • Crown thinning – Sometimes it is necessary to get rid of flimsy or frail tree branches in the middle of the canopy. This allows the tree to have more light and air, instead of being too dense with defective branches. It is important to neither just have the outer branches removed, nor just the center limbs. This keeps the tree structurally sound while looking more aesthetic.
  • Crown lifting – When there are too many lower branches, or if these branches on the bottom have become too heavy, they can injure people and property down below. To prevent this from occurring, it is a good idea to invest in crown lifting. However, this should always be performed in the early life of a tree, to reduce long-term damage.
  • Crown reduction – This is another type of pruning that should be conducted when the tree is young. Crown reduction works by decreasing the tree’s height, along with the weight of the heaviest limbs. The reduction must be performed carefully so that the tree still develops healthily, rather than becoming stunted in some portions.

Our dedicated technicians at TreeCraft are committed to keeping your tree both healthy and attractive. We also offer financing options!

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