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As beautiful as trees may normally be, there are occasions when they can be obnoxious on account of falling leaves. When the tree is damaged, it might even be dangerous on residential or commercial properties. 

If a tree is causing problems on your property, get in touch with TreeCraft right away. We are ready to provide dependable customer service and tree removal in Jacksonville in a safe and effective manner.

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When Should a Tree Be Removed?

Sometimes removing a tree can be an easy decision to make. Often, homeowners may want to remove trees because they do not fit with the overall style of the property. However, there are situations where the tree is aesthetically pleasing, but needs to be moved for other reasons. 

It can be difficult for clients to decide to remove the tree if they are greatly attached to it. Nevertheless, for the overall safety of everyone in the home, it is key to look out for certain signals that immediate removal is necessary.

The signs that a tree needs to be removed from a property include:

  • The tree is located too close to the roof or walls of a house
  • Most of the branches, leaves, and bark appear to be dead year-round
  • The trunk appears hollow or weak, meaning it could fall at any time
  • Nuts or fruits keep falling and making undesirable stains or messes in the yard
  • A large branch appears to be close to falling
  • The tree requires too much maintenance to look attractive
  • The type of tree draws lots of insect pests and unwanted rodents or wildlife
  • Tree branches are constantly being tangled with electric wiring
  • There is too much shade caused by the tree, or it is blocking the view

How Difficult Is a Typical Tree Removal?

In the state of North Carolina, there is a wide range of tree species, which is why the removal process can vary greatly. If the diameter of a tree’s trunk is on the lower end of the scale, this makes it easier to remove. However, just because the trunk does not have a large circumference does not necessarily guarantee a simple removal. 

The type of tree greatly affects the complexity of getting rid of it, since some wood is harder to cut through. Other trees may have fragile branches which could easily fall on the roof and damage it. The roots of some trees are quite extensive and need additional treatments.

The location of a tree also affects its ease of removal. If a tree is positioned close to the house, it needs to be carefully taken out. Otherwise, it could break a window or damage sensitive wires. The process also depends on whether only a portion needs to be cut away, or the whole tree must be removed. Fortunately, our techs at TreeCraft can deal with the most complex situations while also offering financing options. We are also experts at stump grinding and removal once the tree has been removed.

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